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Introduction to Windows 2000/XP

Windows is an operating system produced by Microsoft corporation . tde first version of windows was released in 1985 as a graphical user interface to MS- DOS, providing multiple document support mouse support, drop down menu, and color video driver.

Where "XP" stand for "eXPerience" meaning tde operating system is meant to be a new type of user experience.

Feature of Windows:

  • Windows Easy Transfer :- You can do this using an easy Transfer cable, CDs or DVDs, a USB flash driver, a network folder, or external Hard Disk.
  • Windows Anytime Upgrade :- This feature of windows OS allow you to upgrade to any higher windows version available for your system, so you can take full advantages of enhanced digital entertainment and other features.
  • Searching and Organizing:- Most folder in windows have a search box in tde upper- right corner. To find a file in a folder, type a part of tde file name in the search box.
  • Easy to access Center:- You can adjust text size and the speed of your mouse.
  • Remote Desktop Connection:- This feature helps a user with a GUI to another computer.
  • Default Programs:- This is a feature of your windows Operating system where you can adjust and set your detault programs, associate a file type or protocol with aprogram, change and set auto play setting, set program access and computer defaults.

Timeline of windows:

1985Windows 1.0
1987Windows 2.0
1990Windows 3.0
1995Windows 95
1996 Windows NT 4.0
1998Windows 98
2000Windows 2000
2000 Windows ME
2001Windows XP
2003Windows Server 2003
2006 Windows Vista
2009Windows 7
2012Windows 8
2013Windows 8.1
2015Windows 10
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