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Memory of Computer

Memory is the area where the stores data provides the CPU with its instructions

Types of Memory

There are two types of memory.

  1. Primary Memory
  2. Secondry Memory

1) Primary Memory

Primary Memory is also known as main memory of the computer system.the memory unit that directly communicate to the CPU is called Pimary Memory. In Other way the primary memory stores instructions holds currently executing instructions.

Types of primary memory.

Types of Primary memory

A) RAM(Volatile Memory)

"RAM" stands for "random access memory". RAM does not store data or instructions permanently.When switch on your computer the data and instructions from the hard disk are stored in RAM and you shut down the computer the RAM loses all the data.

B) ROM(Non-volatile Memory)

"ROM" stands for "Read Only Memory".ROM is "Non-Volatile Memory" and parmanent inbuilt software. when your computer is suddenly shutdown, they do not lost data.

2) Secondry Memory

Secondry Memory which are built into the computer or connected to the computer are known as a secondary memory of the computer. It is also known as external memory or auxiliary storage.It is non-volatile, so permanently stores the data even when the computer is turned off

Secondry Memory

A) Hard Disk:

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