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HTML Style

In HTML Style are mainly used for color of elements like font , text, size, etc. Style attribute basically describe the how a document will be presented in a browser.

There are three ways of implementing style in HTML :

  1. Inline Style
  2. Embedded Style or Internal style
  3. External Style Sheet

1) Inline Style

For Inline style , According to CSS rules are directly written inside the starting tag using the style attribute. The style attribute includes a ' property : value ' separated by a semicolon ( ; ).



Example of Inline Style

First paragraph

Second paragraph

2) Embedded Style or Internal style

Internal style is defined in the <head> section of an HTML like in Example.



Example of Embedded Style

First paragraph.

3) External Style Sheet

External Style Sheets method is used to separate document that you can link from an HTML file on your site.


Where externalstyle.css is File name which hold the all css code.

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