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What is CPU

The CPU Stand for central processing Unit. CPU is the brain of computer. It handles all the instructions you give your computer and faster it does this. CPU is perform the basic operation arithmetic , and logical and input and output operations of a computer system.


What is CPU

CPU History

The CPU was first developed at Intel with the help of Ted Hoff and others in the early 1970s. The first processor released by Intel was the 4004 processor.

Types of CPU

There are multiple versions for CPU types.

8080Pentium w/ MMX
8086Pentium Pro
8087Pentium II
80286 (286)Pentium III
80386 (386)Pentium M
80486 (486)Celeron M
Mobile Pentium 4-MCore Duo
Pentium DCore 2 Duo

CPU consist of three components. −

  1. Memory or Storage Unit
  2. Control Unit
  3. ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit)
Component of PC or Computer Organization

1) Memory or Storage Unit

Memory or Storage Unit store instructions, data. This unit supplies information to other units such as RAM (Random Access Memory) . It is also known as internal storage unit or the main memory.

2) Control Unit

Control unit is an integrated circuit in a processor that controls the input and output. It receives instructions from a program, then passes them to the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). .

3) ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit)

The ALU performs the appropriate calculations and sends the resulting values back to the control unit. The control unit sends these values to the corresponding program as output.

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