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Assignment 1

1) What is Computer. Explain characteristics of computer.

2) Explain all five generation of computers with example in details.

3) List at least five types of input device. Explain two input devices in details.

4) List at least five types of output device. Explain two output devices in details.

5) Explain following terms: CRT Monitor, Flat panel display monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Hard Disk, Printer, Scanner, Modem, Sound Cards.

Assignment 2

1) List Ten different shortcut key with its working.

2) List Five differnet types of operating system.Expalin at least three operating system in details.

3) Define Operating System.Explain the differnet function of operating system.

4) What is GUI.? What are the basic components of GUI ? Expalin in brief.

5) Explain following terms related to components of window: Control Box, Minimize button, Maximize button, Restore, Menu bar, Toolbars, work area.

6) What are the Differences between save and save as ?

Assignment 3

1) What is internate ? What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Internate?

2) What are the advantages of E-mail.? How to send a mail to multiple recipients .?

3) What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology ? Explain in Details.

4) Write short notes on following:
  • Future of IT
  • On line Learning
  • Mobile Technology
  • IT in classroom

5) What is e-commerce? What are the benefits of e-commerce for company and user?

Computer Fundamental Praticals List

Exp. No: 01)
How to start a computer ? write the steps with figure.

Exp. No: 02)
How to open a paint (steps) ? Draw the tool in paint with one fig. (Calculation or clock).

Exp. No: 03)
How to create and rename a folder ? Write the steps with fig.

Exp. No: 04)
What is internet chatting and how to chat in Gmail. Write the steps with fig ?

Exp. No: 05)
How to create bio data(Resume) in MS-word. Write the steps and figure.

Exp. No: 06)
How to create slide show in PowerPoint? Write the steps and figure?

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