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Component of PC or Computer Organization

There are Five Basic component of PC Organization.

  1. Input Unit
  2. Storage Unit
  3. Processing
  4. Controlling.
  5. Output Unit
Component of PC or Computer Organization

1) Input Unit :-

Data and Instruction enter a computer through an input device used. Where input device is that keyboard,Scanner and another types of input device.

2) Storage Unit :-

When user Enter the Data and Instruction into a computer system through input unit have to be stored inside the Storage Unit.

a) Primary Storage Unit:-

Primary Storage of a computer, also known as main memory. where main memory is used to hold pieces of program instruction and Data. example RAM.

b) Secondary Storage Unit:-

Secondary stroage of computer also known as auxiliary memory. where auxiliary memory is used to take care of the limitation of primary storage.Example is Hard Disk

3) Processing :-

CPU is the brain of computer because CPU Consist of CU(Contol Unit) and ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) which controlling the operation.

4) Controlling :-

It manages and coordinates the entire computer system. It obtainsinstruction from the program stored in main memory, interprets the instruction, and issues signals causing other units of the system to execute them.

5) Output Unit :-

After processing of Data it is converted into a format which humans can understand and displays this data to users.

Examples of output unit include monitors, screens, printers and speakers etc.

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