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Back Part of System Unit

There are different types of connection points in the back of the system unit, these are called ports.


Back Part of System Unit

1) Power

The power port supplies power to the computer with the help of electrical wires.

2) Keyboard/Mouse

In this port PS/2 keyboard and mouse are connected.

3) Serial Port

Serial port is a common: -unit port, to which almost any device such as modem, keyboard and mouse is connected.

4) Parallel Port

Parallel port is used to connect the printer. It is also called as printer port.

5) Video Port

The video port is used to connect external monitors, projectors.

6) USB

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a multi-purpose port of a new technology, with the help of which almost all the hardware used today (keyboard, mouse, printer, camera, modem) can be connected to the computer.

7) Ethernet

With the help of Ethernet port, you can connect to the computer's local area network and the Internet.

8) Audio

Audio port is used to connect the speaker.

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